This is me… blogging

So I’ve decided to stop resisting and just start a blog already. The main reason behind my reluctace to start blogging was the fear that I may come off as vain… I couldn’t help thinking:

“ So by starting a blog, am I saying I think I am big? Do I believe that my thoughts are so important that other people would want to read about it on a daily basis?”

Like I said, this is why I have abstained from blogging in the past, but recently I’ve been feeling more tempted to get into it. I mean, I kind of sell myself as a writer, which means I should be comfortable with writing. Anything. Even if no-one reads it. I’m hoping this blog will keep me motivated to write at least one post every day in stead of watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians “ reruns. Sad, I know, but as a freelancer, I seem to have lot of free time on my hands these days.

Ok, fine, I’ll admit it. This isn’t my first attemp at blogging. I went on blogger about 3 months ago and registered a blog. It still has nothing on, even though I enjoyed writing little entries every day. Now, I’m not crazy. Obviously I had the intention of uploading them (complete with pictures and everything), I just never had the guts. All my “thoughts” have been clogging my computer memory in their convenient Microsoft Word format up until now. But I believe it is time to let them go, which is why today I’ve registered another blog and I intend to update this one regularly. I can’t guarantee that the content will be interesting, but I will try my best. So if anyone is reading this, please remember: I am not vain… but this is my blog.

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