No men, please… we have pink weights

So, like I mentioned before I quit smoking 3 months ago and in keeping with the new “healthier lifestyle” I’ve decided to join a gym. But not just any gym… I joined a “Women Only” gym, convincing myself that the lack of testosterone in the free-weight sections will make for a much more pleasant environment.

I can’t really say I’m super happy or super disappointed in the gym, as I have to admit it has its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is the fact that you can readjust your underwear without going to the locker room. What a relief. Have you ever experienced a wedgie on the treadmill right in the middle of your workout routine? You just got your heart rate up, there’s a slight perspiration on your nose and you are on the verge of burning some serious calories… stop routine… run to the ladies’… readjust… run back… and some muscle man has taken your place at the machine.

Not at this gym, no sir. I can just casually readjust my underwear, right there on the treadmill and continue running. (Just remember to briefly stop the treadmill, as you’ll need the balance and co-ordination of a trapeze artist to do this while running and NOT take a nose-dive – those are awkward in front of ladies too.)

Another super cool thing about this gym is that the changing rooms are sort of spa-like, with a Jacuzzi, a sauna, sensations showers (absolutely AMAZING) and even the relaxation area. That’s right, there’s a relaxation area, where you get to drink tea, eat fruit and watch E! Entertainment to your heart’s content. Imagine that.

The only thing that kinda irks me is the fact that even though only women are allowed to be members of the gym, some of the instructors are in fact very manly, muscly men. Yup. It’s quite embarrassing to pitch up to class looking your absolute worst (as most of us do at 7 in the morning), only to find a cute male instructor leading the class. Throw in the fact that you haven’t shaved your legs in a week, are rocking a pair of hot pants and the ‘helpful instructor’ is helping you stretch your legs and the situation gets pretty uncomfortable. But oh well, I got through it (and so did he) and in the end I got a great work out.

All things considered I’m glad I joined the gym. As we all know, exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy. What also makes me happy is the fact that my membership gives me a large Kauai smoothie for the price of a medium. Score!

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2 Responses to No men, please… we have pink weights

  1. lovely tigress says:

    handa you sly dog you!

    Ek wou se daar’s meer links op my facebook home as gewoonlik! en wie sal nie die articulate musings van ‘n accomplished copywriter, as yourself, wil lees nie. Ek weet ek sal!

  2. HC says:

    “I sincerely hope that this can be of some rev, relevele, revelera… to you”
    Dankie vir my heel 1ste comment!!! Much appreciated!
    I knew there was a lurking tigress in you… now if only I could catch it.

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