It’s like the Cape Flats, but it makes you smile.

This morning I had a few nagging thoughts on my mind and you, my friends were about to get an earful. But alas, there shall be no ranting for you today. What happened? Lunch happened.

I had an amazing German (try to say it with Turkish’s accent from the movie “Snatch”) meal of eisbein, sauerkraut and broccoli and I also had to listen to the absolutely intolerable moaning of the self-important English gentleman sitting behind me. So I thought to to myself: “Why was I irritated again? This guy with this posh accent clearly has enough negativity for all of us, so I’ll just chill.”

So today I’ll share one of my favourite recent photographs with you. The quality isn’t amazing (I took it with my phone), but it always makes me laugh…

This photo was taken as I was driving through Hermanus a couple of months back. To give you a bit of background info, the Prawn Flats is a little spot next to the lagoon where you can launch boats and kayaks and do a little bit of fishing. It’s been there for ages, yet I never really noticed what a funny name it was. Then came a superbly brilliant stencil artist and made my day. Don’t you just love it? I actually parked the car on the side of the road just to take the photo. I wouldn’t exactly call it street art, but it’s definitely not vandalism either. It’s just a little something that someone did, hoping someone would see. And I saw. And I liked.

*If you didn’t see the movie District 9, you probably won’t get this. Sorry.

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