Y’ello Friday!

I think it’s about time I got myself one of those glowing yellow soccer jerseys. There’s less than a month to go till the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup kicks off (pun intended) in South Africa, and it seems our whole country has had a sudden attack of national pride. It’s EVERYWHERE! Walk into any business on a Friday and you’ll be blinded by a sea of neon yellow.

A few months ago I considered getting myself a jersey, but I figured since I didn’t get tickets to any of the games (let a lone a Bafana Bafana game), I would probably never wear it and it would be a gross waste of money. Then came Footbal Fridays, an initiative where South African citizens were encouraged to wear South African colours to show their support of our national soccer team. Suddenly it was everywhere! Everyone from shop assistants and petrol attendants to businessmen and executives was wearing yellow.

So this morning I was strolling into the local Woolies, where the staff were all wearing, you’ve guessed it, soccer jerseys, then suddenly it hit me. If I got myself a soccer jersey, I would never again have to worry about what to wear on a Friday! No standing in front of the mirror, changing outfits seven times, then changing again. And again. Then hating what I’m wearing and, noticing I’m late for work, just throwing on something black and baggy (blaggy?). We’ve all had those days. Now I know they don’t necessarily come on Fridays, but get this. By wearing your soccer jersey every Friday, you already have 1 outfit per week sorted, leaving you with only six more days of outfits to choose. It’s genius. Blaggy days will be significantly reduced, and that’s enough to get me all national pridey.

Speaking of national pride, I also noticed a whole bunch of cars driving around with SA flags on their mirror covers. (I believe this was initiated by Mini in their “Six colours to stand by” campaign and it has spread like wildfire. Another thing I’ve noticed on the roads is these weird little plastic flags on windows. Usually only found on the cars of very important diplomats, it now seems they’ve taken over the city! It seems a bit impractical to me, but cute nonetheless. Here’s a picture I snapped of someone taking their pride to a whole new level:

So now I’m off to get myself that yellow shirt… Happy Football Friday everyone!

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