Traffic Jams: Our service to you

On Friday I got robbed. By the City of Cape Town’s traffic services. And who are they? They’re those guys who drive around the city, looking for parking offenders to annoy. They’re the guys with eyes like lazer beams, designed to spot any vehicle or part thereof touching, crossing or even lingering on a yellow line. Everyone who lives in Cape Town knows that these guys can be quite annoying and although it’s never happened to me personally (touch wood), I’ve seen countless cars being towed, somethimes with the added comedy of their helpless owner running and screaming after the truck.

So how did these guys irritate me on Friday? They STOLE 15 minutes of my life, just like that. I was amazed, no DUMBfounded to find a large traffic services truck BLOCKING 4 lanes of traffic at 1 o’ clock in the afternoon in the CBD (lunch hour traffic indeed). Then they proceeded to leave their gigantic truck in the middle of the road, while they decided how best to approach the business of towing the car. After about 5 minutes of standing around, they started towing the car. This took another good 10 minutes. I know it doesn’t seem like such a long time now, but imagine blocking traffic in both directions in ANY part of town and you’ll have a bit of an idea of the pile-up that was starting to form. Worst of all, these guys didn’t even seem to care that they were causing major traffic issues, as they took their time to securing the little car onto the back of the truck. This is what I got from my window:

Now, imagine looking at this for 15 minutes straight, with about 50 odd cars all hooting at the same time. It’s torture. And a terrible way to spend even a few seconds. Eventually, they got the car towed and after performing an elaborate (yet unimpressive) 7-point turn, they were off. But not before I snapped a photo of the car whose owner’s disregard for parking rules cost me and my fellow motorists our Friday afternoon sanity. Ha!

Now since I know I’m never gonna win with the guys from the traffic services, I’d just like to say to the guy/girl who drives the little red Golf:

I’d like my 15 minutes back.

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