A serious few days in bed

I’ve been housebound for the past three days now, thanks to my friend, the flu. He visits every now and again and we just have a grand old time. Together we’ve watched more Style Network reality shows than I care to mention (Where before meets after… ugh!), so I’ve decide to get my sorry self up from the couch and write something.

I’m really excited about a recent addition to my schedule. As of last week, Tuesday nights are officially movie nights. My reason for spending Tuesday nights in a dark cinema, with uncomfortable chairs, stuffing my face with popcorn and Whispers is simple. I recently came to the shocking dicovery that I had only been to the movies once since I moved to Cape Town about a year and a half ago. For someone who absolutely loves movies, that’s just absurd. So a few weeks ago my mom suggested I pick a day of the week and commit to go to the movies on that day every week. Picking the day was easy, since I’ve had a Ster-kinekor card since I was about 10, which means Tuesdays are half-price movie ticket days!

Now since I’m going to be watching lots of movies, I thought I might as well share my opinion on the ones I’ve seen and since no-one is paying me to do this, I can say whatever I want. Super. So first up (and my debut as movie critic) is: A serious man

Yes this is the latest offereing by the great Coen brothers and I was pretty excited to go see it. Come to think of it, I really don’t know why, I’m not actually a big fan. To be completely honest I find, their stuff a bit overrated. I guess that’s one of the pitfalls of making it big as directors in Hollywood. They know their movies will be well-received by critics and the rest of the audience who don’t “get it”, well they’re just not educated. So they become sort of self-indulgent and the quirky bits (which used to add a little something to a scene) now dominate the whole film and the rest of the story kind of falls flat.

This is very true for A Serious Man and I was quite unimpressed. It just felt really really long and as with most of their movies, there doesn’t seem to be a real point behind anything. If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ll know the movie is about a middle-aged Jewish man, whose life starts to fall apart and how he tries to deal with it all by seeing a number of rabbis (VERY brief synopsis). Now if that sounds like something you would enjoy watching (I’ll admit, I was intrigued), by all means go and see this. Just don’t expect anything more. I was extremely disappointed to see that some of the best moments were actually given away in the trailer. Don’t you just hate it when movies do that? A preview is supposed to be a ‘taste’ of what the movie is, not the whole movie. I expected there to be a whole bunch of funny moments and then just ended up sort of chuckling at the things I’ve already seen.

I’ll admit, the Coen brothers are an acquired taste and I knew what I was letting myself in for. I’m quite familiar with their dark humour and odd topics and I definitely wasn’t expecting light entertainment. But I also wasn’t expecting 90 minutes of misery. Even though there were some great moments (which no-one else in the cinema seemed to appreciate, weird), all in all this movie is not something I would watch again.

So there you have it, my first review. Now I’m gonna join flu on the couch for some Dallas Divas and Daughters.

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