I’ve always considered myself relatively tech-savvy (hate that word), but today I’m afraid, my skills were tested and were found wanting. I do declare that the internet is now my boss and I am but a humble servant. I’m a slave to the machine, all because of a little something called free time.

Now some of you may be surprised to find out that, as a freelancer, I don’t always have lots of work littering my desk. Sometimes I’m busy and I have lots to do and it keeps me busy. Other times, like this week, it’s a little on the quiet side and I have to find other ways of keeping busy. Of course by “other” things, I don’t mean shopping, watching TV or going for long lunches (tempting as it may be). No, I have to find useful ways to spend my time and a wise man once told me the best way to spend the quiet times in between jobs is on marketing. Now as I kind of work for myself, in essence marketing entails marketing myself, which can be a little awkward. Yes, I was quite reluctant to start (this blog has already left me feeling a little too exposed), however I soon realised how very valuable this advice was. Of course I need to market myself! How else do I get my name out there? How else do I get jobs? How else do I get rid of all this free time?

So today, obviously having a bit of free time, I decided to set myself the very simple task of developing my own website. I already had a domain name registered (during a moment of pure eagerness in January), and I ‘d signed up to a nifty little site called Tank, that basically builds the site for you. All you have to do is add in a few personal details and examples of your work et Voilà! Your very own site. Sound simple? Not so much.

You see, it seems I may have grossly overestimated my HTML knowledge and ended up spending the better half of this afternoon trying to get a navigation bar onto my insanely simple site. For some reason [[pagenav]] doesn’t want to work, and I’m starting to think that maybe the IT community is playing a joke on all of us. Seriously “DNS Control Panel”, “IP adress” , “CNAME”, wtf? I haven’t felt this stupid in years. Come to think of it, the last time I felt this stupid was exactly 5 years ago, when the University of Pretoria decided to boost their fail rate by introducing CIL110, also known as CSS programming for beginners. Don’t even get me started.

HyperText Markup Language honestly makes my head feel like it’s about to explode and in order to preserve some sense of dignity I have now decided to call it a day. I feel better. Sort of. Somehow I’m all too aware of the fact that tomorrow brings another day of “marketing” and another chance for me to feel like an [[idiot]].

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3 Responses to CTRL_ALT_DELusional

  1. alan says:

    Hi Glenda

    These things do take some time & effort to get to grips with – and I do admit, some of the concepts can be a bit technical at times, but I think it comes with the territory (the web itself).

    On the other hand, once the learning curve has flattened out a lot of our users start helping others build sites – it can be gratifying.

    Good luck with your new site,
    Alan (http://withtank.com/)

    PS – your links to Tank in these articles are broken… 😉

    PPS – [[pagenav]] isn’t really applicable to your site as you have no nested (child) pages, so there is nothing to navigate towards..

  2. alan says:

    I mean *Henda* – sorry! ~ too many emails & sites open at the same time on this side.

  3. HC says:

    Hi Alan

    Thanks for your comment, you’re completely right. I may have given up a little too easily and yesterday, after spending some time on your support page I finally managed to build my site. I wrote another post about how easy it actually was yesterday. 😀

    I believe my navigation had a something to do with the fact that I was building splash pages, but I may be wrong. Anyway it’s all sorted now, so thanks!

    Oh and I fixed the links, so they should be fine now 🙂

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