No, that’s not a real site, that’s just me being smug about the enormous amount of internet ground I have covered (or should I say conquered) today. Yes yes yes I finally did it and I figured it out all by myself! I’m so super excited, I feel like I can do anything now… maybe I’ll take over Google and make millions.

I guess it’s safe to say Day 2 of my marketing mission was definitely more succesful than Day 1, and I have to admit that those guys over at Tank really weren’t as mean as I made them out to be. Seems if you spend a little time reading the right sections of their support pages, building your site is actually, well simple. I was so pleased to find out that fixing the mess I had left in cyberspace yesterday wouldn’t take nearly as long as creating it did. Everything I needed was conveniently saved and after a bit of copy-and-paste-ing I could start to see something resembling a website. My website.

Now as you can see from the little logo here, it’s nothing fancy and I haven’t added everything that I wanted to, but at least now I know how it works and I have the basic structure in place. The design and layout is somewhere in between minimalistic and non-existent, but hey, I’m a writer, not a designer. Maybe I’ll get some of my super talented designer friends to fix it up for me… Hint hint *

Going on like this probably makes me sound a little crazy, but anyone who’s ever struggled with the complications of information technology will know my pain and understand why finally turning the tables on those IT geeks has really made my day. Yay!

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