Ode to the city

The thing about the winter here is that you don’t feel it as bad as you do in Gauteng. Yes it’s slightly chilly, but not enough to prevent you from spending lots of time outside. Even though it’s June, you can still see people everywhere, jogging, walking their dogs or just enjoying the fresh air. So this morning I decided to ditch the car and just walk home after gym.

I live really close and it’s only about 10mins walk to my flat. As I cut through the Company’s Gardens (one of my favourite spots in the city) I realised how long it’s been since I’ve expressed my extreme gratitude at the fact that I actually get to live here. I decided that I would write an ode to this beautiful city that I live in, but there was one problem: I’ve never actually written an ode to anything and quite frankly I have no idea how do it. A little poking around Wikipedia informed me that an ode consists of a strophe, and antistrophe and an epode. Huh?

So I’ve decided, just for today, to give my pen (err keyboard) a rest and let my pictures do the talking. And so, without further ado, here’s my very first photo tribute to my adopted hometown, Cape Town.

OK, so maybe I take too many pictures of rainbows… Which reminds me of something I wrote about a year ago on onesmallseed.net It was the only post I ever did on there and it was called Rainbows are pretty and they make me smile.

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