Climate change? I think so.

Ok, so maybe I spoke too soon about the wonderful winter. Yesterday was cold, grey and miserable and today isn’t much better, so I am really pleased that I don’t have to go outside and brave the elements. Freelancing allows me to work from home, so on a day like this, I literally roll out of bed into the warmest, most comfortable clothes and get to work. I can wrap myself in a blanket or duvet and if I’m still not cosy enough I could just get right back into bed, however this would be a bit extreme, and although technically I can, I don’t think I will.

What also makes me happy is the fact that I don’t have to sit in a big office building, wearing respectable (rarely comfortable) work clothes and freezing my butt off. A few months ago I had a brief freelancing stint at a big agency and although I loved working there, the climate control in the building left me constantly hypothermic and numb. You see nothing kills a bit of productivity like blue fingers and brain freeze, compliments of the buzzing air vent/industrial freezer above your head. For almost 2 months, I endured the torture of the cold air reaching absolutely every speck of skin I dared to leave exposed. Bearing in mind that this was in the middle of the Cape Town summer, I’d hate to imagine what that system does in winter. I shudder to think what an idiot I would’ve looked like today, dressed in the skimpiest of outfits to endure the blazing inferno above my head, while the rest of the building snuggles up in their coats and scarves.

Although this is one of the most extreme instances of weather manipulation I have experienced so far, this phenomenon is by no means limited to office spaces. Recently I’ve also been noticing how shopping centres just love to play with the temperature on their thermostats, leaving shoppers try and figure out what is appropriate attire for springter (yes that’s spring and winter, I would add fall and summer, but fallmer just doesn’t quite work). Have you ever found yourself going: “Coat or no coat. Yes it’s winter. No it’s too warm. Wait it’s freezing over here. Go inside, wow that’s hot…”

I’ve come to realise that it’s best to have a sort of year-round closet, which can be slightly adjusted according to the season. What with all the advances in technology, it’s no longer necessary for us to suffer through cold winters and hot summers. Good for us. But sometimes, when I’m walking around the Waterfront in sandals mid-June, I miss the days when winter was winter and summer was summer and it wasn’t all blended into one big air conditioned nightmare.

But alas I am not one to talk, for I also use and thoroughly enjoy these modern machines we call air conditioners. Yes, at last the temperature is not too hot and not too cold – It’s just right.

Isn’t it?

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