Today was definitely no ordinary day in Cape Town. The legendary noon gun was silenced by a GIANT vuvuzela and I was there to witness it.

It was by pure chance that I ended up on the island in the middle of Buitengracht Street today at 12. You see I was having dinner at the Spur last night and, as is customary in almost ALL restaurants nowadays, they had a big ol’ TV broadcasting the SuperSport World Cup Channel to the merry diners. Did I mention that I absolutely hate it when restaurants have televisions as I find them terribly distracting? Nevertheless I’m really glad that last night in between bites of steak and spinach I noticed a banner encouraging South Africans to take to the streets today at 12, with flags and vuvuzelas in support of Bafana Bafana. I was relatively keen to go and I when heard that Hyundai was finally going to blow their giant vuvuzela I had to be there.

Now I know that some people have been complaining that Cape Town doesn’t have enough “gees”, so I decided to do my bit and patrio-pimp my car, before heading into the CBD to watch the “blowing of the horn”. I saw some guys selling flags at a traffic light in Green Point yesterday, so I stashed some cash in my pocket (to avoid digging around my handbag while driving) and headed in that direction, to get me my flag and some instant “gees”. But instead Mr. Murphy made sure that I didn’t encounter a single street vendor on my way. Honestly, not one. I had no choice but to partake in the festivities, minus flag or vuvuzela and I felt rather unpatriotic.

But that all changed at 12 o’ clock, when suddenly one of the biggest intersections in the Mother City came to life, with the blaring of hooters, horns and vuvuzelas. It was absolutely amazing and I stood there for a good while taking it all in. Finally World Cup fever has hit Cape Town and I’m super psyched to be a part of it! Now if only I can find someone who will teach me how to Diski

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