Totally Ayoba!

Today is the day that so many digital clocks all over our beautiful country have been counting down to. The build-up has been tremendous and now, finally it’s day zero. It’s here. It’s the opening ceremony and the first match of the 2010 Soccer World Cup and I can’t wait!

I’m excited for this great event to start, but I am even more excited to watch Bafana Bafana take on the Mexicans and although I will resist the obvious “making salsa out of them” line, I do so hope they’ll win! I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never actually watched Bafana play a single game in my life, but today’s as good a day to start as any, right? The spirit in this place has been amazing and I’m all psyched up to see our team perform.

Driving through town today I was once again surprised at the amount of people out in the streets, wearing yellow and green or anything resembling a South African flag. I too will show my colours and although I never did get around to buying my own yellow soccer jersey (I was informed by a salesman at Woollies yesterday that they are sold out nationwide) I will show my “Ayobaness” in other ways. How? Well for starters I have not one but two vuvuzelas. The one is big, loud and covered with a South African flag and the other one is smaller, loud and easier on the lungs. They both have strings attached to them, so I’ll be able to wear them around my neck and alternate between the two. Super!

Of course, just in case the horns don’t say it loud enough, I will also be wearing a pair of super awesome beaded wire glasses that my dearest sister gave me. We came across these yesterday in the Sunglass Hut at the Waterfront and absolutely loved them! The very enthusiastic salesman told us that they were part of a charity project, involving 1000 pairs of limited edition glasses, made by different artists from the Streetwires project. A portion of the sales of these glasses are then donated to OneSight, a charity that helps provide eye care for underprivileged people all over the world. That pretty much convinced us and we both walked away with out very own unique pair. I think they’re awesome and although they won’t keep the sun out of my eyes or help me see better, they look totally cool and I’ll wear them all through this wonderful World Cup.

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