Soup du Jour

Well the cold weather is finally upon us and I think it’s a good time to share one of my all time favourite winter things with you. It’s not Ugg Boots, scarves, mittens or even electric blankets (which I’ve given up in order to give Eskom a well-undeserved break). It’s soup.

Soup is one of my favourite things, not only for it’s  incredible taste, but also because it’s so much fun to make. With a few basic recipes you can attempt basically anything and I get such a kick out of watching a few ingredients turn into something yummy! A while ago, when I just started getting into cooking, my mom gave me a some recipes and armed with these instructions and some valuable hints and tips I have made countless warm watery wonders. To date I have made Butternut soup, Cream of Broccoli soup, Minestrone, Mexican Parprika soup and Beef and lentil soup (made with real meat instead of stock, mind you). In the near future I intend to make French Onion soup, Pea soup, Tomoato soup and one day possibly even a Bouillabaisse.

Soup of the day before

But not everyone loves a good soup. Just take a look at this memorable scene from the Best Movie Ever:

Amusing as this may be, I bring it up because I have a confession to make. This morning during yoga, as I was lunging into very intense warrior pose, I had the startling (somewhat embarrassing) realisation that I smell  like soup. And that’s not a metaphor for something deep and meaningful, I actually smelled a little like heated watery veggies and chicken stock. Not cool. Then it dawned on me that every time I make a delicious pot of soup, the aromas go and settle in my clothes, my hair and even on my skin. It’s disgusting! The rest of the session was spent trying to keep my pose (quite literally), which is rather difficult when your balance and concentration is affected by the smell of soup.

For a minute or so I actually contemplated giving up my favourite watery winter dish, but that just won’t to. But I can’t go around town smelling like soup either, so what’s a girl to do? Maybe I should just shower and change clothes every time make a delicious dish. It’ll double my water-, electricity-, shampoo- and laundry bills, but at least I won’t have to give up my beloved Cream of Broccoli.

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