The Other Soup

Soup is great even when it isn’t edible. Just take a look at E! Entertainment Channels “The Soup”, a program that rips off reality TV and celebrities in general. I’m pretty sure I was one of only a few people who were aware that this delightful program was on the air here in South Africa. It was always on at the most obscure times and a few years ago when I once again tuned in to get my “weekly celebrity fix” it was gone. No ceremony, no explanation, just gone and I haven’t seen it since. Ok that’s a lie; I do sometimes go online to catch some classic Soup moments, like the time when Kim Kardashian cut her big toe in 2008, causing a major media frenzy in American. Believe it.

I wish I could post the clip, but I can’t find it ANYWHERE now. If you Google it (Kim Kardashian cuts her toe), you’ll get an idea of the amount of coverage this non-event had.Joel McHale made fun of it. And that is why I love him. And his soup.

And she lived to tell the tale...

*more bloody photos at

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