The most expensive cup of coffee in town

* I’ve decided to get out of my writing rut and go look for inspiration, which means no more sitting behind my computer. I’m pretty sure someone wise once said inspiration is all around us, and where better to find it than in the most beautiful city in the world (yes, Cape Town).

I did however stumble upon this piece of rambling from a distant time when I actually had stuff to say. Enjoy, while I go and find me some inspiration.

I heart caffeine

Today was going to be great. I was starting out at a new place and even though it is only a freelance position for 2 weeks, I’m amped to get busy and working again. I got up ridiculously early, showered and tried to prepare myself mentally for the big day. I suck at meeting new people, so this was quite a challenge for me. The drive to the office was somewhat shorter than expected and I arrived only to find that I was half an hour early, so I decided to go look for some coffee nearby. First mistake. Although I encountered virtually no traffic on my way to the building as I drove in the opposite direction I noticed the traffic was starting to pile up. I kept driving, scanning the dodgy streets for a place to get a nice cup of the good stuff. Finally I saw a pretty little place and pulled in to get my fix. Lo and behold, I had stumbled across the most expensive cup of coffee in the Mother City. A single cup of black Americano set me back no less than 18 rand. Insanity! I grabbed the cup of gold, ran back to my car and got on the road, only to find that the traffic was still not moving. What a way to make a first impression, being late on the 1st day. I seem to have a knack for being late, even when I’m not late. I get myself into such a state of stress that I literally have heart palpitations. Miraculously I got back to the office on time and rushed in. Ha, I’m not late!

Which is more than I could say for the guy who was supposed to brief us. W’ve been waiting for him for not 1, not 2, nay not even 3, but 4 whole hours! Talk about lack of respect from a bald little fat man. (See there, I got 3 insults into one sentence!)

Let’s just hope the day gets better from here. Although I wouldn’t put my 18 rand cup of coffee on it.

* It turns out I had the best time working there and I was bummed to leave after an extended stay of 6 weeks. Just shows you that first impressions don’t necessarily have to last.

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