And then there were two

This weekend, a quick visit to the Elgin Valley’s Pink Festival changed my life completely. The flyers for the Festival read: “Drink yourself Pink” (in reference to Rosé, the areas best-known wine, not to encourage irresponsible drinking) and unfortunately for me, the combination of drinking rose in the warm spring sun did result in well a rather pink complexion that I can only describe as “unflattering”.

Some people get a cute rosy glow when they drink, I go more of a deep red, and it’s not only on the “apples of my cheeks”, but ALL over. I look like a middle-aged rugby fan who’s had one too many at the game. Charming, I know. But don’t think it’s because I drink ridiculous amounts or down a whole bottle in one go, there’s just something in some wines that doesn’t quite agree with me. I’ve known this about red wine for quite some time and now unfortunately I’ll have to add Rose to the “Can’t drink” list… my how the list grows.

Red-faced embarrassment is hardly life-changing though and this festival changed my life in another way altogether. You see going to this festival presented us with a great opportunity to pop into the farm where our dear Kika grew up and see what’s happening down in Poodle haven. We had decided earlier in the week to get another dog (a friend for our little darling), but the puppies wouldn’t be born for another week or so, meaning they would only be ready for collection in November. Right.

When we arrived at the farm, we were shown around once again, and as always I was fascinated by the amount of beautiful poodles just running around. They really are magnificent, in all shapes, sizes and colours. One of my personal favourites, a little grey hairless one called Nutmeg, is the result of breeding together the wrong bloodlines… scary, but cute nonetheless!

So anyway to make a long story short we saw a number of males, a few females and then… the cutest, fattest little puppy you have ever seen! I remember when saw Kika for the first time I couldn’t believe how tiny she was, yet there I was holding this massive boy. He had the saddest little eyes and a look of such worry on his face and we instantly fell in love with him. He only had to open his mouth for one little puppy-breath kiss and the deal was sealed.

Kika: "And that's how you do a profile shot, Leo."

We took him home with us and he’s been our baby boy ever since. It’s amazing to see how very different their personalities are and I am having the best time just watching them play. I was very apprehensive of getting a new puppy at first, since I didn’t think I would be able to handle the responsibility of another one. As soon as we got him though I couldn’t believe we didn’t get another one sooner. He is such a little warrior and even though he is still only 8 weeks old, he has no trouble sorting out his “older sister”. He has the biggest paws I have ever seen on a puppy and he really does look like a little lion, which is why we named him Leo.

Maybe one day we’ll shave him like this and people will see me walk my “lion” around the Sea Point promenade…

The most feared dog in Brakpan

I’m just kidding, I could never do that to him! It would be little weird, considering his full-grown size is only about 30cm high. Oh well. He’s still my little Leo and I can’t wait to see how his personality grows.

So this weekend I had to say goodbye to my old friend Rosé, and in return I got the best chubby puppy in the world. I think it’s a fair trade.

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