Hello Inspiration… Where have you been all July?

So, yet again, I have been neglecting my poor old blog for quite a while now. At first I blamed it on “work”, then “time constraints” and finally I convinced myself that the (perfectly good) reason why I wasn’t writing anything was because I haven’t found anything worth writing about. This excuse has been quite sufficient up until today, when I stumbled upon possibly the coolest thing this year.

Now I’m not heavily into technology and gadgety, webby things. In fact even though I’d heard the name Google Chrome before, I never actually bothered to find out what it is, what it does or how I might benefit from it. In short, it’s a web browser. But play around on it a bit and you’ll find out it’s so much more.

Like today, when I stumbled upon this link to OK Go’s new video… I watched, curious, and immediately followed the directions to their other site, where the video becomes interactive… unfortunately I couldn’t participate in the fun, because I don’t use Google Chrome and hadn’t bothered to download it earlier. So I downloaded it. And what followed was 20 minutes of pure awesomeness. You type in a message, any message and watch as a bunch of leotard-clad men and women recreate your message woth their feet. Sweet! This is what I wrote:
So finally, I’ve found something worth writing about again. It’s a small step, but I’m hoping it’s the start of something new. May the inspiration last this time. Please let it last…

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