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Hey! Where’d the elephant go?

So it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted anything and really I have no excuse. I’d attribute this to a combination of laziness, apathy and mind mush. I haven’t had much to say, so I kept quiet. I think … Continue reading

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The Other Soup

Soup is great even when it isn’t edible. Just take a look at E! Entertainment Channels “The Soup”, a program that rips off reality TV and celebrities in general. I’m pretty sure I was one of only a few people … Continue reading

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Soup du Jour

Well the cold weather is finally upon us and I think it’s a good time to share one of my all time favourite winter things with you. It’s not Ugg Boots, scarves, mittens or even electric blankets (which I’ve given … Continue reading

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Climate change? I think so.

Ok, so maybe I spoke too soon about the wonderful winter. Yesterday was cold, grey and miserable and today isn’t much better, so I am really pleased that I don’t have to go outside and brave the elements. Freelancing allows … Continue reading

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